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Why canine massage?

I am passionate about dogs and the positivity they bring to the lives of their humans. For years I have sheltered dogs who have been abandoned, needed homes, and who have had health problems.  After a career as a radiology technologist and as a stay at home mom, I decided to try something new which included my love for dogs, which led me to canine massage.


In 2016 I won a scholarship to the, Rocky Mountain School of Animal Acupressure and Massage, Fort Myers campus.  While there I studied canine massage and canine sport massage.  Additionally, I received my certification as a Level One Reiki Practitioner.  I receive great satisfaction as a canine massage therapist and am continuing my education to take my practice to the next level.  Seeing the effects of massage on animals is incredibly rewarding and comforting, be it the first or the fifth massage.

Canine Massage

Dog massage provides the same benefits as human massage; it is relaxing, soothing and rejuvenating.  Massage facilitates healing of the muscles and joints and leads to quicker recovery from injuries and discomfort.  While massage can be beneficial to almost all dogs it cannot be safely done on dogs with cancer or infection.

Canine Sports Massage

Sports massage helps keep the canine athlete in optimal condition. Preventative massage warms up the muscles and increases blood flow in the. Post-event massage helps reduce stiffness, soreness and can remove waste and toxins. Sport massage helps prevent future injuries and relieve muscle pain.


Reiki is a system of aligning your energy field with the Universal Life Force. It enables direct contact to channel energy and balance to energize  subtle body energies. Furthermore, Reiki supports the body's natural healing abilities.


Menu / Price List

Reiki: $30, if Over an hour the price goes up $5 per hour. 10 miles or more from the 33544 zip code add $5.

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Benefits of Canine Massage

* Increase Blood Circulation

* Increase Lymph Movement

* Muscle Health

* Noticing Structural Imbalances

* Stimulate Acupressure Points

* Emotional Health

I offer:

* Canine Therapeutic  Massage

* Canine Sports Massage

* Canine Reiki

Make Your Dog Happy

Massage will help your dog feel better and help with the aches and pains of life.